• (SPOILERS)* Mather is Meira Dynam's best friend and the son of Sir and Alysson.


Mather is said to have white hair and blue eyes, as is typical for Winterians.

Snow like Ashes Edit

At the beginning of Snow like Ashes, Mather is believed to be the son of Hannah and Duncan Dynam. He is to become the next king of Winter. He has feelings for Meira but hides them very well causing Meira to believe he feels nothing for her except being childhood friends. After the attack of the five spring soldiers on the refugees' camp in the Rania Plains, William tells Mather to get to Cordell and tell King Noam that he accepts the offer he was offered 14 years ago of marrying Meira to the Crown Prince of Cordell, Theron. Mather does as he is told and but when he sees Meira that night at the ball, she is extremely angry at him for giving her away. The next day, he meets Meira and Theron in the training area and asks Meira to talk to him and she does so reluctantly. He shows her a map and explains how it makes the Cordellian soldiers proud to be who they are. Then Mather somewhat tells her that he has had feelings for her and that he never believed William when he told him that he was too good for her. Meira can't accept this now and they are interrupted by Theron who wants to spar with Mather. Mather accepts and beats Theron stopping only when Meira gets in between them. He gets scolded by William for picking a fight with the prince of Cordell. He is next seen when the refugees confront Meira in the library. He is avoiding Meira's eyes and is the one who stops William from going after her when she runs away. When the news is found out about Noam's betrayal, he says he will give himself over to Angra if it means none of the other Winterians will be harmed. He is punched by Sir for even suggesting such a stupid idea.