Primoria is the setting of Snow Like Ashes (book series).

Geography Edit

Primoria encompasses a large amount of land, it's northern frontier defined by the Paisel mountains. it's southern frontier being the Klaryn mountains, surrounded by the Destas Sea in the East, and in the West having a large amount of plains, including the kingdoms of Ventralli and Yakim and the Southern Eldridge Forest.

Within Primoria, apart from the already mentioned places, there are the kingdoms of Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring in the south, north of the Klaryn Mountains, the kingdom of Paisly within the Paysel mountains, the kingdom of Cordell at the coast of the Destas Sea.

In the middle of Primoria we can find the Rania Plains, which cover the largest amount of land, to the west, the Northern Eldridge forest, and to the south, the Feni River, wich marks the beggining of the Season Kingdoms' territory.

Between the Northern Eldridge forest and the kingdoms of Yakim and Ventralli, runs all way south the Landstone River until it becomes the Feni River, marking the border between the Southern and Northern Eldridge Forest.

Kingdoms Edit



  • Winter - Female blooded locket
  • Spring - Male blooded staff
  • Summer - Male blooded cuff
  • Autumn - Female blooded ring